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When e-mailing, please be sure to include the adoption questionnaire below. Keep in mind that I do have a waiting list, and generally do not have babies available for immediate adoption - the wait is often 3-6+ months. One-line e-mails or e-mails lacking adoption information may be ignored if you are a new adopter looking for rats. Please take the time to fill out the form so I know your inquiry is serious.

If you are interested in adopting:

Send me an e-mail with the information listed below. Also be sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions page (particularly #6) to help answer any questions you may have.

Phone number:
Email address:
Age (if under 18):
Location (City, State):
Do you currently own rats? If so, what sexes? Are any spayed/neutered?
Do you breed your rats, or plan to in the future?
Do (or will) your rats receive vet care when needed?
What sexes of rats are you interested in?
How many would you like to adopt?
Are you interested in a particular litter or variety?
What kind of housing will you provide for your rats? Please include dimensions.
What kind of bedding will you use?
What kind of foods will you provide for your rat?
If you rent your home, do you have your landlord's permission to own rats?

Terms of Adoption

Rats must be 6 weeks or older before leaving the rattery. They must be adopted in pairs, unless you already have a companion. I will NOT sell my rats as feeders or to produce feeders. Unless previously agreed upon they will be sold as pets only, not breeders. I reserve the right to refuse a potential adopter I do not feel comfortable with. If you have to rehome your PH rat for ANY reason throughout the lifetime of the animal it is required via my adoption contract that the rat be returned to me.

Adoption Fees:

$25 for one rat; $20 per rat for each additional rat. Babies come with a folder that includes a pedigree, several days' worth of food, care sheets, diet sheet, and adoption forms.

Older rats or rescues will generally be $10 each and come with the same folder that babies get minus the printed pedigree.

All rats are placed on a PET ONLY (nonbreeding) contract unless this has been discussed previously.

Located in Hope, NJ - about 10 minutes off either exit 12 or 19 off I-80. We are about an hour and 20 minutes from Manhattan, and about two hours from Philadelphia.