Rat Links

This is a work in progress so if you have any helpful links, free to e-mail me.

My Pages & Articles

My Frequently Asked Questions - a page I recently put together to help prospective owners with the common questions.
My Varieties, Specialties, and Markings - this page will always be a work in progress, but I put it together to help show what the varieties I produce look like, as well as information about my specialties.
Harley Rat Information - page with information and photos about harley rats.
Guide to Shipping Rats - Page for anyone considering or planning a shipment of rats.
Paper Heart Rattery Facebook - Photos, video, and other updates will be posted here!

Local Rat Vets

These are vets in the area that specialize in exotics and would be highly recommended for rats! Most have a certain vet that is their exotic specialist and I will list that vet's name along with the link.

The Animal Medical Hospital of Centereach - Dr. Elisabeth Simone-Freilicher. Address: 2425 Middle Country Road Centereach NY 11720 Phone: 631-585-5353
Animal Specialty Center (Yonkers, NY) - Dr Anthony Pilny, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. He also is in a NYC location (207 East 84th Street) on Thursdays and Saturdays. I do not have a website, but the phone number for the NYC location is 212.988.4650.
Belle Mead Animal Hospital (Belle Mead, NJ) - Dr. Kim Somjen

Rat Clubs, Care, and Health

I have bought most of the books available at pet stores, and I have to say that most of the information is either bad or outdated. They suggest the wrong food, bedding, housing, etc! Much better information is avilable on the internet!

American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association - Shows held in CA several times a year
Rat & Mouse Club of America - Many chapters across the country, excellent articles and Q&A
Rat Guide - Excellent articles about health, medication, breeding, and care of rats!
RatsRule.com - great info, including a cage size calculator, toxicity of pine and cedar shavings, and Suebee's Rat Diet
RMCA Rat & Mouse Vet Database - handy way to find a good ratty vet!
Ratster - has a list of breeders by state
North American Rat Registry - registry for fancy rats in the USA and Canada
Rat Care Guidelines - a PDF file that has excellent basic information about the care of rats! A fantastic place to start learning.

Rat Rescue, Forums, Ratteries and Misc Links!

I will ONLY include links to ratteries that I believe are reputable, and who I've either gotten rats from or sent rats to.

Farmhouse Rattery - breeder located in Branchville NJ. Focus is on colorpoint and solid self rats
Ziggy Sixx Rattery - breeder located in southern NJ currently being mentored. First litter is planned for fall of 2011.
La Ratterie des Pléiades - located in Quebec, Canada.
Package Ratz Rattery - breeder in CA with lovely rats!
Ratz Realm - another long-time CA breeder.
Andover Rattery - located in MA, mostly blue and RB based rats
Colorado Mountain Meadows Rattery - breeder located in CO who we have exchanged rats with on several occasions. She has beautiful rats in a wide variety of colors!
RatForum.com - nice rat forum!
NYC Rat Meetup Group - a great place to meet other rat lovers in the NY area!
Brux N Boggle - a new rat forum that is rapidly growing! Stop by and check it out
Spoiled Ratten Rattery - their page has a fantastic collection of articles on colors, varieties, care, and of course their rats are gorgeous!
Rats Rule! Forum - great forum for rat lovers!