Rat Markings

Markings I've Produced or Owned

A rats' markings are not related to its color. Any of the colors pictured on the other pages can come in any of the markings pictured on this page. This is not a complete list of all markings; just the ones that have been produced here.


Chocolate Self Dumbo

Russian Blue Self Rex Dumbo

Cinnamon Pearl Self

One color with NO white markings anywhere on the body. A mismarked self will have some white on the feet.


Masked rats are white, with a mask of any color covering the face around the eye area and above the nose. The color is not to extend to the rats' ears.


A dalmatian is a rat with random splashes of color. They shouldn't be in any specific pattern. A good dalmatian is very difficult to achieve, and the rats pictured are as close as I've gotten.


Young Black Variegated

Black Variegated Rex

Colored hood with spots of color running down the back. Will have a headspot or blaze.


Burmese Berkshire Dumbo

Black Berkshire

Russian Blue Berkshire

Ideally, a rat with a white belly that ideally doesn't extend down the legs. White feet, and a tail that is 1/2 white. A well marked berkshire is difficult to achieve, but the term berkshire can be used to describe a wide variety of belly markings.


Black Patched

Black Patched

Russian Blue Patched

These rats are all white with small patches of color, usually on the face. This is not a standardized color but is used for rats that don't fit into other categories such as masked or black-eyed white.


Black Irish

An irish rat is solid-colored, with a small spot of color on the belly. The spot should ideally be an even shape. The rats' feet should be white, and up to 1/4 of the tail may be white.


Agouti hooded dumbo

American Blue Hooded Dumbo Rex

A hooded rat has a black "hood" covering to just behind its front legs, and a stripe running down its back. Some hoodeds have very even stripes, and others' stripes may be uneven or broken, which would be known as a mismarked hooded.


Young Russian Blue Bareback

Young Fawn Bareback

Black Bareback Dumbo Rex

Marked similarly to hooded, but without the stripe down the back. Barebacks often have small headspots.


Color on top of the the head that doesn't extend past the ears.


Black Possum

Black Possum

Baby Russian Blue Agouti Possum

Possum is sort of a slang term for a rat that has a wide blaze that runs between the eyes and ears. The color is not supposed to touch the rats' eyes. I have not had any perfectly marked possums, but these photos will give you an idea of what they look like.


A rat with a blaze on its face. This blaze can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. There are two types of blazes - dominant and recessive. Dominant blazes are associated with a devastating condition called megacolon, where the rats' colon is not fully formed. Recessive blazes are caused by the same gene that causes dalmatian markings and they are SAFE. I do breed blazed rats but ONLY recessive blazes. This makes reproducing them a longer process, but I'd much prefer to do it this way than to risk losing babies to megacolon. There are certain things that help to identify both safe and dangerous blazes - read High White and High Risk. I would advise steering clear of any breeder who breeds "high white" rats - rats with dominant blazes, odd-eyed, and markings such as cap-stripe or banded.


Black Berkshire
Downunder Dumbo

Black Variegated Downunder
Dumbo Rex

Black Patched/Masked
Downunder Dumbo Rex

Downunders are rats which have belly markings that mirror the markings along their backs. These rats can come in any color or pattern. Downunder is a fairly new gene from Australia and it's becoming very popular!